Effective weed removal without the use of chemicals

The Gloria Thermoflamm bio Series removes weeds, rank growth and moss, conveniently and practically. These weed eradicators are flexible in use, in particular in places which are difficult to reach, outside stairways or patios. Each Thermoflamm bio model comes with an automatic Ignition mechanism (piezo-electric ignition), allowing for comfortable and safe handling. Cigarette lighters or matches are no longer needed with these weed eradicators.

Working with our weed eradicators is quite simple: the implement is moved slowly along the weed you intend to remove at a distance of about 3 cm; the weed then dies off as a result of the heat. Thanks to the Thermoflamm bio Series weed eradicator, that Inconvenient, continuous, troublesome weeding finally belongs to the past – and what's more without using any chemicals.