Item no. 000101.0000

Pressure sprayer for applying oils and glazes

  • 5 L filling capacity
  • Seals made of resistant FKM
  • Reinforced plastic tube incl. flat jet nozzle
  • For application of sprayable, water-soluble glazes and solvent-free oils
  • Powerful pressure pump
  • Max. operating pressure 3 bar

Product information

The Spray&Paint pressure sprayer is ideally suited for the application of water-soluble, sprayable wood protection oils and glazes.

With a filling capacity of 5 litres, a maximum operating pressure of 3 bar and a reinforced plastic tube with a plastic flat jet nozzle (spray angle 110°), the pressure sprayer ensures the best working results.

Optimal spray pattern

Smooth, even surfaces without drips or nodules


Comfortable and neat working

Time saving

Quick working process thanks to an effective flat jet nozzle


Thrifty consumption, economical operation

Technical details

  • Filling capacity 5,00 L
  • Total capacity 7,00 L
  • Max. operating pressure 3.0 bar
  • Sturdy plastic container
  • FKM Seals
  • Plastic spray lance
  • Plastic flat jet nozzle
  • Plastic pump
  • Quick-acting valve
  • Safety relief valve
  • Transparent level indicator strip
  • Spraying oils / glazes

Spray&Paint Compact

Hand sprayer for applying sprayable glazes and solvent-free oils

  • Seals made of resistant FKM
  • 1.25 L filling capacity
  • Powerful pressure pump

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Plastic nozzle

  • For applying sprayable, water-soluble glazes and solvent-free oils
  • Spay angle 110°
  • Suitable for Spray&Paint (5 L) and PaintPro 5

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Set of seals (PaintPro5/Spray&Paint)

  • Suitable for Pro 5, Pro 8, Paint and PaintPro 5

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Compressor connection valve

  • Enables an automatic pressure build-up
  • For long operating/working intervals
  • Suitable for prima 5, primex 5, prima 8 and Spray&Paint

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