Hobby 125 PLUS

Item no. 000026.0000

For the application of acidic pesticides

  • Filling capacity 1.25 l

  • Resistant to acetic acid
  • Flexible swivel lance with adjustable nozzle
  • Maximum operating pressure 3 bar
  • Powerful precision pump
  • Base ring for secure standing

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Product information

The Hobby 125 PLUS is the ideal sprayer for applying acidic crop protection products to smaller areas. The robust hand sprayer is equipped with acid-resistant EPDM seals. A swivelling plastic spray lance and nozzle make the unit maximally flexible and also make treating the undersides of leaves super easy.

The Hobby 125 PLUS is also resistant to acetic acid (up to 10%). If the 1.25 L filling capacity is not enough, the prima 5 PLUS can apply a total of 5 L of crop protection agent on a larger scale.

Technical details

  • Acid resistant seals
  • Filling capacity 1,25 L
  • Total capacity 1,55 L
  • Max. operating pressure 3.0 bar
  • Sturdy plastic container
  • Buna EP (EPDM) Seals
  • Plastic spray lance
  • Plastic hollow-cone nozzle
  • Plastic pump
  • Bottom ring
  • Safety relief valve
  • Transparent level indicator strip

prima 5 PLUS

For the application of acidic pesticides

  • 5 L Filling capacity
  • Acid resistant seals
  • Incl. plastic extension tube

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