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Hand-operated sprayers for gentle plant care at home both indoors and outdoors

The handheld GLORIA sprayers are characterised by their light-weight construction, ergonomic operation, efficiency and reliability. These are available either as fine sprayers or pump sprayers.

The fine sprayers offer finest spray distribution and easy handling. They are used in the garden, the greenhouse and in the household for indoor plant care, for plant protection outside, or for cleaning jobs inside. The pressure sprayers with 1 or 1.25 litres fill capacity are differentiated by their pressure cushion, which produces an even spray jet with up to 3 bar pressure without the need for manual pump action.

Our fine sprayers and pressure fine sprayers are available with a fill capacity of 0.3 to 1.25 litres. Most of the devices are equipped with a precision pump, safety valve, a robust plastic container and an adjustable spray nozzle. Plant care with GLORIA fine sprayers is easy as 1-2-3. GLORIA quality and GLORIA comfort for household and balcony.

Fine atomizer type 208

Fine atomizer
type 208


Filling capacity: 0,3 l

Abbildung des GLORIA AutoPump Mini Handsprüher

Hand-operated sprayer AutoPump Mini


Easy plant care in mini format

Fine sprayers Hobby 05

Fine sprayers
Hobby 05


Filling capacity: 0.5 l
double-action presicion pump: 1 x pump = 2 x sprayn

Fine sprayers Hobby 10

Fine sprayers
Hobby 10


Filling capacity: 1.0 l
double-action presicion pump: 1 x pump = 2 x sprayn

Pressured sprayer Hobby 100

Pressure sprayer
Hobby 100


Filling capacity: 1 l
max. oper. pressure: 3 bar

Pressure sprayer Hobby 125

Pressure sprayer
Hobby 125


Filling capacity: 1,25 l
max. oper. pressure:3 bar
with 360° spray function

Spray&Paint Compact



Filling capacity: 1,25 l
max. oper. pressure: 3 bar

Foam sprayer FoamyClean 100

Foam sprayer
FoamyClean 100


FoamFlash! The foam sprayer for quick shine and cleanliness