Whether for your household, greenhouse, or all around the garden - GLORIA sprayers are ideally suited for plant care and protection on the balcony, in the home garden as well as in the nursery or agriculture. GLORIA also offers special sprayers with a foam nozzle for cleaning.

We're putting on the pressure!

Whether in the household, garden or greenhouse, GLORIA sprayers have stood for quality and innovation for 75 years. Starting from shapely and powerful fine and hand sprayers, the product range extends to a large selection of pressure sprayers made of plastic and reaches up to high-performance sprayers made of steel or stainless steel. Backpack sprayers with a particularly large capacity of 12 - 18 litres are popular in agriculture or viticulture. Foam sprayers for effective foam cleaning round off the sprayer range.

The permanent endeavour to always offer the customer a further advantage in quality and equipment makes GLORIA an innovation driver in its industry. Numerous equipment options such as an integrated pressure regulator, extension lances, a spiral hose and many other accessory options make the range of applications of GLORIA sprayers incredibly diverse. 

Can now be retrofitted to all 3 - 8 litre sprayers: the most powerful sprayer compressor - with BOSCH rechargeable battery power.