FineCut 18V

Item no. 001301.0000

Lawn and edge trimmer with BOSCH battery power

  • Ideal for working close to the edge and contour cutting

  • Perfect addition to the robotic mower

  • XXL cutting width of 25 cm

  • Compatible with all BOSCH 18 V POWER FOR ALL batteries

  • Adjustable bar angle

  • Innovative double blade system for precise cutting

Product information

The battery-powered lawn and edge trimmer FineCut 18V is the ideal addition to any robotic mower in the garden.

Thanks to its compact design, the device easily cuts right to the edge and is perfect for the often necessary contour cutting of the lawn. The adjustable handle angle allows it to cut deep under bushes, shrubs or children's play equipment in the garden. An innovative double blade system ensures the best cutting quality of the 25 cm wide cutting surface. The height of the FineCut 18V can be adjusted in three steps and is compatible with every Bosch 18V POWER FOR ALL battery. Even with the 18V / 2.5 Ah battery, you can work for up to 60 minutes at a time.

In small gardens, the FineCut 18V can also easily be used as a lawn mower for cutting the entire grass.

Technical details

  • BOSCH 18V POWER FOR ALL battery
  • 3/4/5 cm
  • Integrated battery charge level indicator
  • Weight 2,7 kg