Plant Protection & Care

The GLORIA sprayer range offers an extensive selection of practical and reliable products for the treatment of plants - from the handy fine sprayer to the 18 L pressure sprayer. Plant care is also possible without manual pumping with the help of the cordless and electric devices of the MultiJet system.

Effective plant protection with GLORIA

The GLORIA range for plant protection and care in the home and garden offers a comprehensive selection of practical and reliable sprayers for treating infested plants or watering healthy ones. From handy fine sprayers for use on patios and balconies to large-volume piston backpack sprayers for professional use in viticulture or agriculture, everything is included.

The plastic sprayers from 3 to 8 litres are ideal for working in your home garden. The best-seller among the pressure sprayers is the GLORIA prima 5. With a filling capacity of 5 litres, a maximum operating pressure of 3 bar as well as a powerful pressure pump and a brass spray lance, the garden sprayer has already found its way into a large number of gardens. With practical accessories such as the battery-powered compressor, you can save yourself manually building-up the pressure. The sprayer compressor automatically builds up the pressure and regulates it independently - an even spray pattern without manual pumping is guaranteed.

GLORIA offers you numerous other variants of pressure sprayers with the equipment you need, such as a long spiral hose or extension lances for even more range when spraying.

For professional use in a nursery, in viticulture or in agriculture, the GLORIA high-performance and backpack sprayers are ideal. Durability, resistance and a high degree of comfort during the often long work with the equipment are standard here. The high-performance steel sprayers (405 T, 410 T) are optimally protected against corrosion thanks to an inner coating of plastic. The stainless steel models (505 T, 510 T) are of course also rustproof and robust in the face of impact and wear. The backpack sprayers of the Hobby and Pro line are characterised by their large filling capacity, ergonomic containers and convenient carrying systems.  For particularly tiring work, GLORIA now offers the Pro 1200 li-on, a backpack sprayer with Bosch battery power.

Plant protection with the MultiJet

The cordless and electric spraying systems of the GLORIA MultiJet system are suitable for the application of plant protection products in addition to their versatile cleaning applications. Equipped with the optionally available plant protection set (brass lance and nozzle), the units spray plant protection products precisely onto the infested areas - without any pumping and conveniently with just the touch of a button. A shower function also enables use for watering flowers and plants, putting an end to the hassle of lugging around the watering can.