Practical accessories

From the spray screen to the brass extension lance - adapt your sprayers to your needs.

A perfect math - high-quality accessories for your sprayer!

Thanks to the extensive range of accessories, you can tailor your sprayer to match to your personal requirements. Choose between suitable nozzles, practical extension lances, spray shields for working close to the edge or electric pumps for automatic pressure build-up in the unit.

Just take a look at our product range and be surprised by the range of possibilities your sprayer offers.

Are you looking for a spare part for your GLORIA sprayer? As a brand manufacturer, we strive to offer you suitable spare parts for your GLORIA sprayer from the current range all the way through to models which have rerved you throughout the years. With a spare parts availability of 10 years, we guarantee our customers long-term enjoyment with our devices. Should a spare part get lost or brake, you can easily reorder it in the GLORIA spare parts shop and have it delivered to your home within a few days.


Plant protection & care

Sprayes for plant protection & care

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Weed removal

Natural weed control without chemicals

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Cleaning stone surfaces

Cleaning and care of stone surfaces

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Cleaning wood surfaces

Cleaning and care of wood surfaces

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Maintenance and processing of beds and kitchen gardens

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Car & bike cleaning

Sprayers for cleaning your cars and bikes

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