Care for your houseplants on the windowsill or the kitchen table with the practical and compact GLORIA fine and hand sprayers.

Practical helpers for the windowsill

All houseplants absorb water not only through the roots lying in the soil, but also directly through their leaves. Most houseplants come from climatic zones with significantly higher humidity and are specialised in exploiting the moisture contained in the air. Some even depend almost exclusively on it, such as orchids. In our latitudes, however, there is a climate with low humidity. To make up for this deficiency, houseplants should be sprayed regularly.


The GLORIA fine and hand sprayers are ideally suited for the requirements for the care of your houseplants. Practical equipment options such as double-acting precision pump (1 x pump = 2 x spraying, Hobby 05 and Hobby 10), an integrated electric pump (AutoPump Mini) or a 360° spraying function (Hobby 125 and Grow) make plant care extremely convenient. The GLORIA range of fine and hand sprayers is completed with the handy fine sprayer type 208, which is ideally suited for the care of sensitive indoor plants, and the fine sprayer Grow with its 2-in-1 function, spraying and watering with one device.


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