Take care of your plants and your fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse with the sprayers from GLORIA - just as you need it.

Your fruit and vegetables in the best hands!

A greenhouse offers your plants protection against cold, wind, rain and other external influences. Plants from other climatic zones also feel comfortable in the greenhouse if the greenhouse climate is adjusted accordingly: exotic fruits, wine, cut flowers, cacti and tropical plants. But also for domestic plants the cultivation time in the greenhouse extends beyond the normal gardening season. And who is not happy to see lettuce, kohlrabi and rettiche growing in March and harvest delicious tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers from their own greenhouse in summer?

With the GLORIA hand and pressure sprayers you care for and protect your plants as well as your fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse in the best possible way. Small, handy fine sprayers are ideally suited for the application of plant protection agents or fertilizers. High-quality pressure sprayers with a filling capacity of 3 - 10 litres or piston knapsack sprayers with a volume of up to 18 litres are used if you have larger areas to work.


Plant protection & care

Sprayes for plant protection & care

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Weed removal

Natural weed control without chemicals

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Cleaning stone surfaces

Cleaning and care of stone surfaces

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Cleaning wood surfaces

Cleaning and care of wood surfaces

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Maintenance and processing of beds and kitchen gardens

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Car & bike cleaning

Sprayers for cleaning your cars and bikes

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