The GLORIA plastic pressure sprayers with a filling capacity of 3 to 8 litres are ideal for plant care and plant protection in the home garden.

Plant protection with GLORIA - that fits!

The GLORIA hand and pressure sprayers are ideally suited for plant protection and plant care on flowers or shrubs in the home garden. Due to their flexibility and equipment variety, the sprayers are welcome helpers in many gardens.

Thanks to an operating pressure of up to 3 bar, the sprayers easily perform longer working intervals and achieve comfortable ranges. Thanks to practical extension lances, liquids can also be sprayed on higher leaves and branches of plants.

Depending on your personal requirements GLORIA provides you with the right sprayer for plant care and plant protection. From the handy fine sprayers to pressure sprayers with a filling capacity of 3 to 8 litres and numerous equipment variants up to 5 and 10 litre high-performance sprayers made of steel and stainless steel, you will certainly find what you are looking for at GLORIA.

Take a look at the GLORIA product range of pressure sprayers and compare different devices in a practical product comparison - no matter which GLORIA sprayer you ultimately choose, it was the right choice.


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