Balcony and terrace

Compact hand sprayers for the use on your balcony or terrace - from a 0.3 litre orchid sprayer to a 1.25 litre pressure sprayer with 360° spraying function.

Little helpers, big time!

Depending on the weather conditions and the location, your plants on the balcony or terrace need up to twice a day water. If there is a lack of water, they do not dry out immediately, but they quickly lose their first flowers. Therefore, it is best to spray your plants in the morning and, if necessary, again in the late afternoon with a GLORIA sprayer.

If you use a plant protection agent, be sure to do so in the morning or evening to avoid burns to the plant from the sun. Do not spray in strong winds, otherwise the spray mist will drift off too much. Do not water the plant for a few hours after treatment so that the plant protection agent can act accordingly.

The GLORIA fine and hand sprayers are ideally suited for the requirements for the care of your plants on the balcony or terrace. Practical equipment options such as double-acting precision pump (1 x pump = 2 x spraying, Hobby 05 and Hobby 10), an integrated electric pump (AutoPump Mini) or a spraying + watering function (Grow) make plant care extremely convenient.

The GLORIA range is completed by the Hobby 125 hand sprayer, a sprayer with a 360° spraying function. Thanks to a flexible tube, the sprayer can also be used to spray on the head without any problems. A foot ring for safe standing, a swivelling and continuously adjustable nozzle as well as a transparent viewing strip for level control make the Hobby 125 a great helper for plant care.


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