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Wood preservation and care with GLORIA

Do not paint but spray, using Spray&Paint

Terrace flooring, garden furniture, wooden fences are subjected to various weather conditions which strongly attack the surface. In order to keep their optical appearance, it is necessary to paint the surfaces with protective agents.

Thanks to GLORIA Spray&Paint that task is quite easy to handle: there is a range of suitable pressure sprayers to distribute water-soluble protective wood oils that have been optimized for spraying, as well as glazing varnishes and solvent-free oil. The range incorporates a 1.1/4 liter manual sprayer and a 5 liter pressure sprayer.

Cleaning of wood surfaces

GLORIA offers a range of three innovative units of the BrushSystem-range for cleaning wooden flooring on terraces and wooden decks: the MultiBrush speedcontrol and MultiBrush li-on and PowerBrush speedcontrol.




Spray&Paint Compact


Filling capacity: 1,25 l
max. oper. pressure: 3 bar



Filling capacity: 5 l
max. oper. pressure: 3 bar

PowerBrush speedcontrol

PowerBrush speedcontrol

The cleaning-pro

GLORIA MultiBrush li-on

MultiBrush li-on

The powerful brush with rechargeable batteries

GLORIA MultiBrush speedcontrol

MultiBrush speedcontrol

The practical surface brush