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Soil cultivation

Soil cultivation the easy way

GLORIA's "Garden boy" weighs in at only 2.3 kg and is fitted with a strong electric motor (230 V and power consumption of 400 W). Attention has been put on ergonomic handling of the device. A pick-axe or a spade are no longer necessary and may remain in the garden shed.

GLORIA Gardenboy Plus loosens even compacted soil effectively and with ease, there is no need for exhausting and sweat inducing labor.

Versatile applications

Oscillating and rotating tines rip open the soil and remove weeds altogether with their stem and roots. This hinders quick after-growth of annoying weeds while at the same time the torn soil layer is crumbled and thereby prepared to receive a renewed sewing operation.

Regular soil crumbling with the GLORIA Gardenboy Plus also promotes the development of essential micro-organisms in the soil which reduces the infestation with annoying weeds.




Gardenboy Plus 400 W

Gardenboy Plus 400 W

Prepare seed and flower beds and care for your plants the convenient way - powerful at ground level, easy on your back