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Show weed and dirt their limits!

You love your garden which is a piece of nature at your door steps. Lush greenery. It provides you with energy; your garden is your place of retreat where you escape from daily chores.

But, wait a minute …

… there are spots in your garden where you do not tolerate the intrusion of "green", were you want to rid your garden of unwanted green that has trespassed. This is where the GLORIA brush-system comes in. It is your helper when it comes to removing unwanted weeds and dirt from your garden. Use the practical joint brush or the surface-cleaning brush on interchangeable attachments with portable battery operation.

Together they keep in check unwanted greenery on tiled pathways, courtyard entrances or terraces.There is no place for such intrusions.

Powerful rechargeable batteries

MultiBrush li-on offers a high degree of flexibility without having to rely on electric cables due to the 18V/4Ah Lithium-Ion battery. Run-time is approx. 30 minutes under full load and together with rapid chargers, cleaning and maintenance work is quite comfortable.

The cleaning-pro

PowerBrush speedcontrol for maintaining and cleaning stone and wood surfaces comes with several practical features and enables you to finish flush to the kerb work right into the edges due to its single arm design. The brush head can be swiveled by 180° allowing you work flexibly.

Variable Speed Control

BrushSystem appliances offer variable speed control and are therefore suited for use in various fields of application. Stone surfaces can be freed from dirt and care products can be carefully applied to the wood surface of a terrace.






The practical joint brush

PowerBrush speedcontrol

PowerBrush speedcontrol

The cleaning-pro

GLORIA MultiBrush li-on

MultiBrush li-on

The powerful brush with rechargeable batteries

GLORIA MultiBrush speedcontrol

MultiBrush speedcontrol

The practical surface brush