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GLORIA high-performance spray systems and surface brushes for cleaning garden furniture, the patio, the barbecue and co.

Blitz & blank

BrushSystem cordless and electric brushes

The multifunctional cordless and electric brushes MultiBrush speedcontrol and MultiBrush li-on are true experts when it comes to cleaning stone and wood surfaces. Three brush rollers for stone surfaces adapt exactly to your requirements - so you can gently work in cleaning agents (stone brush SOFT), easily remove coarse soiling such as moss or green build up (stone brush MEDIUM) and remove really stubborn soiling such as lichen with a steel wire brush (stone brush PRO). Cleaning wooden surfaces is also no problem thanks to the soft wooden brush UNIVERSAL.

Thanks to a practical interchangeable mechanism, the MultiBrush units can be used within a short time not only for stone cleaning but also for joint cleaning, lawn edging and lawn care. Thus, in addition to cleaning large areas, the joint can also be cleaned effectively and a curb can be cleared of protruding grass with a single unit.

MultiJet spraying systems

The MultiJet high-performance spray systems are true all-purpose weapons when it comes to cleaning around the house and in the garden. The cordless and electric units are equipped with a 4-in-1 multifunction nozzle for quick cleaning in between. The units draw liquid from any source and the operating pressure can be varied in three stages.

Numerous accessories make the cleaning work even more effective. A foam nozzle transforms conventional cleaning agents into effective cleaning foam that adheres to the surface and effectively dissolves dirt particles, while a nylon brush is used for mechanical surface cleaning including a spray jet.