Cleaning / Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces with the GLORIA special sprayers

Clean and disinfect surfaces effectively

The desire for cleanliness and sterility at the workplace or in one's own four walls is becoming ever greater these days. But the conventional approach with a sponge and cleaning water doesn't help much here, and only remove visible dirt. Surfaces and objects that are cleaned can still be invisibly colonised with germs such as viruses or bacteria. This is where disinfection comes in. With surface disinfection, the concentration of germs can be reduced significantly more. Complete sterility can never be achieved, but the goal is that the disinfected surface no longer poses a risk of infection.

Particularly fast working progress can be achieved with spray disinfection. It is also an effective method for hard-to-reach places. It is only necessary to ensure that the disinfectant applied can take effect. Only after this exposure time should the surface be wiped off.

For spray disinfection, GLORIA provides special sprayers that are equipped with highly resistant seals and materials that withstand the aggressive disinfectants.

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The hand sprayers of the CleanMaster EXTREME series are optimally suited for the application of alcohol-based disinfectants. The units are equipped with robust FKM seals and dispense the media constantly and evenly. Efficient and economical use of the agent is guaranteed. The two fine sprayers CleanMaster EXTREME EX 05 and EX 10 (0.5 and 1.0 L capacity) are equipped with a double-acting precision pump, one pumping action triggers two powerful sprays.

For all other disinfectants which are not based on alcohol, the sprayers of the PERFORMANCE series are exactly the right ones. The CleanMaster PERFORMANCE PF 12 and PF 50 pressure sprayers allow the application of acidic and alkaline cleaning agents with pH values of 2 to 9. For the treatment of larger areas, such as those found in company buildings, schools or factories, the CleanMaster PERFORMANCE PF 50 pressure sprayer is the best choice. With a filling capacity of 5 litres and a powerful pump, the work is quickly done. Thanks to the removable plastic pump, a disinfectant concentrate can be easily mixed with water in the unit.