Cleaning wood surfaces

The 165 mm wide wooden brush UNIVERSAL for the BrushSystem battery and electric brushes consists of bristles of different lengths that clean the surface down to the smallest groove.

Effective and gentle wood cleaning and care

The GLORIA MultiBrush and PowerBrush devices are ideally suited for treating your wood surfaces (soft and hardwood profiles, WPC and BPC materials). Thanks to its optimised brush profile, the nylon bristles of the UNIVERSAL wood brush clean right down to the last grooves and the smallest space between them.

The Institut für Holztechnik Dresden compared the GLORIA MultiBrush with a commercial high pressure cleaner for the cleaning of decking boards and came to a clear result: the treatment of a wooden substrate with the GLORIA battery and electric brushes is very even and effective thanks to the brush width and the brush profile. Due to the often small spray jet, an uneven cleaning pattern can be achieved with a high-pressure cleaner.

Furthermore, cleaning with the MultiBrush devices is considerably gentler on the wood material, which is sometimes highly sensitive, as the cleaning intensity with a high-pressure cleaner is very difficult to dose.

The wooden brush UNIVERSAL is available as a practical accessory for the MultiBrush speedcontrol, MultiBrush li-on and PowerBrush speedcontrol.


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