Cleaning wood surfaces

Clean and care your wood surfaces with the surface brushes of the BrushSystem. Or give them a new coat of paint - with the Spray&Paint sprayers for applying water-soluble glazes.

Brushing or spraying - the choice is yours!

For cleaning wood surfaces on terraces or wooden decks GLORIA offers three practical battery and electric brushes with the BrushSystem. Thanks to the optimised brush profile with nylon bristles of different lengths, grooves and gaps are cleaned thoroughly and gently.

The Institut für Holztechnik Dresden compared the GLORIA MultiBrush with a commercial high pressure cleaner for the cleaning of decking boards and came to a clear result: the treatment of a wooden substrate with the GLORIA electric brushes is very even and effective thanks to the brush width and the brush profile. Due to the often small spray jet, an uneven cleaning pattern can be achieved with a high-pressure cleaner. Furthermore, cleaning with the BrushSystem devices is considerably gentler on the partly highly sensitive wood material, as the cleaning intensity with a high-pressure cleaner is very difficult to dose.

Spraying instead of brushing with Spray&Paint - terrace coverings, garden furniture or wooden fences are exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions, so that their surfaces are subject to heavy stress. In order to maintain the appearance and value, regular exposure to wood preservatives is necessary.

Thanks to GLORIA Spray&Paint, this work is now very simple: practical pressure sprayers for applying water-soluble, sprayable wood protection oils and glazes as well as solvent-free oils. The range includes a 1.25 litre hand sprayer and a pressure sprayer with a filling capacity of 5 litres.