Bicycle cleaning

A bicycle also needs to be maintained - and above all regularly cleaned. If a garden hose is not within reach, GLORIA sprayers offer an effective remedy. Thanks to the high operating pressure, the dirt particles detach themselves quickly and gently from the rims and the frame.

New splendour for the bike

Your bicycle is both an object of everyday use and a hobby. Daily use confronts the bike with dusty or oil-covered roads and muddy paths. During a bike ride or even just on the way to work, a lot of dirt collects on your bike and should be removed regularly.

The GLORIA foam and pressure sprayers are handy helpers when cleaning your bicycle. Whether at home or directly after a bike tour, before you load the bike back into your car. 

For light soiling, a manual or pressure sprayer between 1 and 5 liters is usually sufficient. Thanks to a maximum operating pressure of 3 bar, you can clean your bike with clear water in no time.

The 0.5 m long extension lance on the pressure sprayers or an optional integrated electric pump for automatic pressure build-up make work simple and convenient. If your bike needs more intensive cleaning, you are well equipped with GLORIA foam sprayers.

Simply fill the cleaning agent into the sprayer and off you go. The cleaning foam sticks optimally to the bicycle and thus has a longer effect.


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