Car & bike cleaning

Clean and care for your bike or car with GLORIA sprayers. Ideally suited for the application of cleaning agents.

These sprayers provide new shine!

Whether body care or thorough engine or rim cleaning - with the GLORIA foam sprayers you are optimally equipped to give your vehicle the necessary shine.

Simply fill in the cleaning agent, build up pressure in the sprayer and off you go. The cleaning foam adheres optimally to the rim or body, can have an intensive effect and ensures an excellent cleaning result.

And GLORIA also has the right sprayer for the application of aggressive spray media such as brake or rim cleaners: The CleanMaster Extreme EX 05, EX 10 and EX 100 hand sprayers are true experts when it comes to the application of solvent-containing media.

And your bike needs a little care from time to time - especially regular cleaning. If a garden hose is not within reach, the hand and pressure sprayers from GLORIA offer an effective remedy. Thanks to the high operating pressure, the dirt particles detach themselves quickly and gently from the rims and frames.

It goes without saying that GLORIA foam sprayers not only clean cars but also bikes and make work considerably easier. Here we go, just give it a try.