Item no. 000289.0000

Electric weed brush for joints

  • Motor 230 V, power 300 W
  • Incl. steel wire joint brush
  • Revolution speed 1,800 rpm
  • Back-friendly working
  • Circumferential splash guide

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Product information

The GLORIA WeedBrush is the practical weed brush for use in the home garden and around the house. Thanks to a powerful electric motor (230 V, 300 W) with 1,800 rpm, the handy device is the ideal helper for removing weeds and moss from joints.


The brass-coated steel wire brush convinces with a working time of up to three hours on concrete block. In addition, GLORIA offers a softer version with the nylon joint brush. This has softer bristles and is therefore particularly suitable for scratch-sensitive stone surfaces.


Precise and clean work is guaranteed thanks to the guide wheel and sighting line as well as the all-round splash guard. The height-adjustable and ergonomic two-handed handle also enables a healthy posture during work.

Technical details

  • Economical electrical operation
  • Engine 230 V
  • Power 300 W
  • Weight 2,4 kg
  • Length 118 cm
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Strain relief for cable
  • Guiding wheel and sight line


  • Cleaning joints

WeedBrush li-on

Battery weed brush for joints

  • With BOSCH battery power
  • Incl. steel wire joint brush
  • Revolution speed 1,800 rpm

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Brass-coated steel joint brush

  • Suitable for MultiBrush and WeedBrush devices
  • Operating life of more than 3 h on concrete blocks

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Nylon joint brush

  • For scratch-sensitive slabs
  • Width 12 mm
  • Suitable for MultiBrush and WeedBrush

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