MultiBrush li-on

Item no. 000292.0000

Battery-powered multifunctional surface brush

  • Stone, wood, joint cleaning, edge cutting
  • Tool-free switch of the modules
  • 18V/4Ah lithium ion battery
  • Integrated speed control
  • Aluminium tube adjustable in height
  • Incl. charger (100 % = 70 min, 75 % = 30 min)

Product information

Thanks to a powerful 18V/4Ah lithium-ion battery, MultiBrush li-on offers versatility and comfort without an electric cable. A running time of 30 – 50 minutes as well as a quick charger and interchangeable batteries make permanent working without long interruptions possible.

The allrounder consists of a drive unit to which nylon brush rollers to clean stone and wooden surfaces, a joint brush as well as an edge cutter can be assembled. These attachments are changed on the touch of a button, no tools needed. An infinitely variable speed control (450 – 1,100 rpm) at the handle provides for versatility. So, contaminations can powerfully be removed from stone surfaces or joints, and care oil can gently be brushed into high-grade wooden floors on terraces by the same device.

Stone cleaning
Deep-rooted lichen or moss sitting in the gaps of terraces or on driveways around the house are very annoying and must be removed. GLORIA provides you with three powerful devices, and you can virtually handle each kind of contamination. The soft stone brush SOFT is already included in the MultiBrush li-on scope of delivery. With its bristles of different lengths, it gently cleans the surface down to the smallest gap. The stone brush MEDIUM removes superficial dirt such as green deposits or moss and the steel wire brush PRO is responsible for the coarse dirt and absorbs it with stubborn and deep-seated dirt such as lichens.

Joint cleaning
When using the joint brush of MultiBrush li-on – also included in the scope of delivery – the device removes weed and moss sprouting in joints of terraces and footpaths. A 15mm wide wire brush roller makes a thorough and precise operation possible. GLORIA also offers a softer version with the nylon joint brush. This brush has softer bristles and is therefore particularly suitable for stone surfaces that are sensitive to scratches.

Wood cleaning
A nylon brush roller to clean and maintain wooden surfaces is available as an accessory. Thanks to the optimized brush profile, grooves and gaps are also thoroughly cleaned. The Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden (IHD) has compared the cleaning of terrace decking with the MultiBrush and a standard high-pressure cleaner and has arrived at a clear conclusion: the treatment of a wooden ground with the GLORIA electric brushes is very uniform and efficient thanks to the brush width and the brush profile. A high-pressure cleaner can only achieve irregular cleaning patterns due to the small spray jet. Furthermore, cleaning with the MultiBrush is considerably more gentle for some highly sensitive types of wood, as it is very difficult to apportion the degree of strength with a high-pressure cleaner.

Cutting edges
The 2-in-1 edge cutter Cut&Brush is a high-class tool to free overgrown paths or kerbstones from overhanging grass. The 1mm thin, slotted stainless steel disk of Cut&Brush cuts into the ground, and at the same time the 50mm wide nylon brush roller frees stone edges from overhanging grass roots.

Special cleaner + foam sprayer
Apply a GLORIA special cleaning agent to the surface before using the MultiBrush. It is best to use the FoamMaster FM10 Flex foam sprayer. The sprayer transforms the cleaning agent into effective foam, which can be distributed over the entire surface. The foam can act intensively and achieve an even more thorough cleaning effect. Cleaning foam is also economical to use and significantly reduces the amount of resources used.

Technical details

  • 18V/4Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Weight 3,8 kg
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Aluminium tube adjustable in height
  • Guiding wheel and sight line
  • TÜV and GS tested
  • Incl. charger
  • Length 135 cm
  • Tool-free switch of the modules
  • Strain relief for cable
  • Protection cover


  • Stone cleaning
  • Cleaning joints
  • Wood cleaning
  • Edge cutting

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Electric weed brush for joints

  • Powerful torque
  • Quick and back-friendly work
  • Economic electric operation

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MultiBrush speedcontrol

Electrically operated multifunctional surface brush

  • Stone, wood, joint cleaning, edge cutting
  • Tool-free switch of the modules
  • Economic electric operation

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PowerBrush speedcontrol

Electrically cleaning expert for cleaning stone and wood surfaces

  • Stone/wood cleaning
  • Brush head can be rotated through 180°
  • Economic electric operation

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Brass-coated steel joint brush

  • Suitable for MultiBrush and WeedBrush devices
  • Operating life of more than 3 h on concrete blocks

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Edge cutter Cut&Brush

Removes overhanging gras from overgrown edges

  • Suitable for all MultiBrush devices
  • 1 mm thin disc made of stainless steel trims blades of gras
  • 50 mm wide nylon brush cleans the edge

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Green Covering Remover

Concentrate for the removal of green growth and algae

  • 1 L filling capacity
  • Sufficient for areas with more than 80 m²
  • For cleaning of stone, concrete, mortar, wood etc.

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UNIVERSAL wood brush

Nylon brush roller for cleaning and maintaining wood surfaces

  • Suitable for MultiBrush and PowerBrush devices
  • Optimized brush profile

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Stone brush SOFT

  • For gentle cleaning and treatment of stone surfaces
  • Diameter:
    100 mm, Width:
    165 mm
  • Suitable for MultiBrush and PowerBrush devices

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Stone brush MEDIUM

  • For removing coarse dirt such as moss and green deposits
  • Not suitable for sealed surfaces
  • Suitable for large and smooth surfaces

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Stone Special Cleaner

Powerful and fast-acting concentrate

  • 1 L filling capacity
  • Sufficient for areas with more than 250 m²
  • Biodegradable

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Nylon joint brush

  • For scratch-sensitive slabs
  • Width 12 mm
  • Suitable for MultiBrush and WeedBrush

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Wood/WPC Special Cleaner

Concentrate for the treatment of wood surfaces and WPC/BPC materials.

  • 1 L filling capacity
  • Sufficient for areas with more than 50 m²
  • Remove dirt and greying