GLORIA - The Original

For more than 70 years, GLORIA has been standing for high-quality and technically sophisticated sprayers as well as innovative garden tools. Founded in a small garden shed in Gütersloh in northwestern Germany, the company devoted its efforts towards the development of crop protection sprayers from the outset. Shortly after its foundation in 1947, the production of the first GLORIA hand sprayer set the stage for the corporate success. Since then, GLORIA has consistently focused on the development of pump and pressure sprayers as well as garden products.


Whether in our gardens, greenhouses or households, GLORIA products can be put to use everywhere. Starting with powerful hand sprayers, the GLORIA assortment covers a wide range of pressure sprayers made of plastic, steel and stainless steel. Piston knapsack sprayers with a particularly large capacity of 12 to 18 litres round off the variety of sprayers. Practical gardening products, among others for thermal and mechanical weed removal and surface treatment, complete the product portfolio and are part of a comprehensive range of gardening tools for our customers.

Please take a detailed look at the milestones of GLORIA´s corporate success story. 



With the Hobby 05 and 10 hand sprayers, GLORIA has been offering faithful helpers for plant care on the balcony or terrace for many years. They convince with their ergonomic operation, their high efficiency at work and their high-quality workmanship.

For the 2019 garden season, GLORIA will be adding one more feature. The sprayers become the Hobby 05 and 10 FLEX. GLORIA additionally equips both units with a flexible riser pipe, so that spraying on the head is now possibl

GLORIA expands its range of foam sprayers for vehicle cleaning. With the new 3 L compact class FoamMaster FM 30, car lovers now have a handy spraying device at their side, which can be ideally taken to the nearest car wash and effectively performs its service.

In addition, GLORIA offers the TOP FOAM Auto-Shampoo, a highly effective special shampoo with an extra high degree of foaming, which easily removes dirt and insect remains and gives the vehicle a fresh shine.


GLORIA has extended its cleaning range for different surfaces around the house. For the first time in its history the company introduces three of its own detergents: a stone special cleaner, a wood/WPC special cleaner as well as a green growth remover. 

In addition, GLORIA provides its customers with the new foam sprayer FoamMaster FM 10 Flex, an essential assistant for surface cleaning. The sprayer transforms detergents into effective foam, which works intensively and reinforces the cleaning result.



70 years GLORIA- The original. GLORIA Haus und Gartengeraete GmbH celebrates its anniversary and treats itself to a present. The market launch of its new brush system, four practical surface brushes designed especially for the cleaning and maintenance of various surfaces around the house, is turning into the most successful product introduction in the corporate history of the company.

In addition, GLORIA continuously expands the existing product range to offer the highest level of innovation and progress to its customer. Numerous high-performance sprayers and knapsack sprayers are equipped with a pressure regulator that makes it easy to adjust the desired operating pressure. The control mechanism regulates the pressure as soon as it drops below the specified level. A constant output quantity at the nozzle is guaranteed.



New professional cleaning experts. With the extreme and performance product line, GLORIA offers five new experts to deploy degreasing liquids as well as acid and alkaline spraying substances. All devices are resistant to oil-containing agents and other substances.

In addition, for the first time in the corporate history of the company, the FoodMaster F12 sprayer is launched especially for plants which operate with food on a daily basis. The 1.25 litre pressure sprayer was tested and approved for use in the food processing industry. With its special seals, the sprayer is suitable for applying foodstuffs such as oils and oil-containing liquids and a range of other substances.



GLORIA offers a new, practical and environmentally friendly way of weed control - the Thermoflamm bio Electro, which removes disturbing weeds and wild growth by a flame temperature of up to 650 °C.

The new Klick&GO Refill System offers a safe handling of plant protection products to all GLORIA customers. The cartridge with plant protection can be clicked to a mixing head between the valve and the lance. The plant protection is only mixed with clear water from the sprayer´s plastic container when spraying. The correct dosage of plant control is generated and there is no residual mixture left over which needs to be disposed of extensively.



With the piston knapsack sprayer Hobby 1200 and 1800 as well as Pro 1300 and 1800, GLORIA offers its customers practical helpers for the use in viticulture, forestry and greenhouse plant care. The Pro devices are equipped with state-of-the-art carrying system setting new standards in terms of ergonomics and wearing comfort.



GLORIA presents the pressure sprayer Prima 3, the smaller version of the well established Prima 5. The sprayer with a filling capacity of 3 litres is ideal for plant care in the small to medium sized garden.

Furthermore, 2013 has introduced the battery-operated AutoPump Mini sprayer. The fine sprayer with a filling capacity of 1 litre is equipped with a handy electric pump, which guarantees an automatic pressure build-up in the device. Highlight of the sprayer: the built-in LED light in the nozzle.



FoamyClean 100 - The allround cleaning device for household, garden and automobile. The specially designed nozzle of the foam sprayer creates a powerful cleaning foam. Simply fill in a standard cleaning agent, build up pressure by using the hand pump, apply generously and allow the foam to work, done!

Prima 5 Comfort - a reliable pressure sprayer with extended convenience features is launched. The sprayer offers a larger reach by its 2.5 m spiral hose and relaxed working by connecting it to an external air compressor.  



GLORIA presents a trendsetting innovation for comfort and ergonomics in plant protection: the wireless electric pump AutoPump provides an automatic pressure build-up in the sprayer. Building up pressure manually is no longer necessary. The AutoPump is retrofittable for all 3 to 8 litre GLORIA plastic sprayers.

The new design hand sprayer series Grow by GLORIA is launched and defines new standards for aesthetics and equipment comfort. By means of its integrated pouring spout for watering plants the sprayer fulfils a practical double benefit. The Grow sprayer is available in 5 trend colours and equipped with a 360° spraying function ideally suited for apartments and conservatories.



Spraying instead of brushing - GLORIA´s pressure sprayer series Spray & Paint offers its customers a more comfortable alternative for painting large areas and hard-to-reach surfaces. Sprayable, water-soluble glazes and solvent-free oils can now be applied comfortably and evenly with a sprayer. Work is done in no time. 




GLORIA expands his assortment to include the GLORIA Hobby 125, a handy pressure sprayer with excellent equipment. The sprayer´s flexible rising tube allows a 360° spray function and offers maximum flexibility.




Market launch of the high-performance sprayers 405 T, 410 T, 505 T and 510 T made of steel and stainless steel. This year has seen the pressure sprayers as essential helpers in gardens, nurseries and in agriculture.   

A maximum operating pressure of 6 bar along with an integrated pressure regulator (10 litre sprayers) allow extended working periods with a consistant output quantity on the brass nozzle.



Company takeover by the Kress family from Ulm and the establishment of a sales and marketing centre in the Southern German city of Neu-Ulm.

Corporate headquarters and centre of development, construction, logistics etc. remains Witten in northwestern Germany.


Subsequent years

GLORIA is rapidly developing into a brand manufacturer for sprayers and continuously sets numerous standards and innovations in their field of expertise. 

Initially, sprayers were made of old aircraft bombs, but soon plastic and other materials followed to make work as effortless and comfortable as possible for the user.



The company is founded in a small garden shed near Gütersloh, northwestern Germany. Shortly after, the first sprayers for plant protection and care are produced.